Its your last chance in new school for ONScripter-EN

I count myself one of the fortunate few who happened to buy the cult classic novel game Its your last chance in new school before it was taken from us far too soon.
The game had cost about three dollars as I recall, and it was in the TyranoBuilder engine, which is notorious for more reasons than would be practical to detail here. I took it upon myself to devote about three days to porting the game to ONScripter-EN at an almost perfect -- albeit downscaled -- level of accuracy. The original game had run at 1280x720, but almost all of the assets were natively for 800x600, so that is the resolution in which my port runs. The original game's bugs are almost all retained, and all text errors are retained. Originally, a dozen or so lines of dialogue were unreadable because the author forgot to enable the text box for them; I have made those lines unlockable by means of a certain secret button. I should have liked to get permission from the author before releasing this, but he rejected my friend request.
And so, unofficially and without further ado, the greatest visual novel of all time:

Its your last chance in new school for ONScripter-EN installer Its your last chance in new school for ONScripter-EN ZIP

My Beliefs Regarding the Game

Warning: Heavy spoilers ahead.

Indeed, it is true that English was not the author's strong suit. However, I believe that Last Chance contains many visual and verbal undertones which the common eye would not catch, especially not if nitpicking the prose at every click.
The most striking visual cue, to me, appears in the scene where Kawasi introduces all of her friends to Latter. Kolya and Yuko stand a very moderate distance apart; however, Batachan and Raizy stand very close together -- so close that his hand almost touches her skirt. Almost, but not quite. Batachan, you see, was not a ladies' man like Latter proved to be. He was an idle, daydreaming, drooling boy who had little to worry about beyond his duties at the radio school, and watching the clouds drift on every day at dinner. But at some point not shown, Raizy had caught Batachan's eye, which set in motion his resolve to join I.Y.L.C.M.G.A.N.S. (It's your last chance made girl at new school).
But what of Kolya? Why was he standing next to Yuko? I do believe that Yuko was meant to be with Latter. I think her heart was set the moment their eyes met. But Kolya is never shown getting close to Ritka nor Kawasi -- the latter of which remained single throughout the game. Well, extracting the assets to the game revealed to me that there was an unused female character. She was dressed in a sharp, navy blue uniform and had the narrow eyes of a mischievious cat -- oh! She was a picture. I have included all of her sprites in the arc.nsa for those interested. Kolya, too, dressed much more dapper than the rest, and he too wore navy blue. I believe that Kolya and our unused character (for dignity's sake, I have chosen to name her Korg) were fated to be together, but at some point before the story took place she must have passed away. Perhaps she was hit by a bus. Perhaps she was left in a hot car by her uppity parents who were too busy palling around at the country club to mind her well-being. Near the end of the novel when Kolya asks to join I.Y.L.C.M.G.A.N.S., I see it as a wish to move on and try to live and love again. Who knows how things turned out for him -- perhaps that is part of the intrigue of the story.
I would like to dedicate this article and this port of the game to Korg. May she rest in peace, and may hentax be barbecued for rejecting my friend request. Thank you.