chaoskaiser72's How to Work a Computer

Far too often, folk struggle with the same tools which were ameant to work for their good, forcing upstanding young thinkers like myself to babysit them, giving theirselves the look of neathers, undermen, what have you. In this writeup I will bestow upon you the knowledge aneeded for to take it eathy on the personal computer machine, hereby aknown as the uprimer.


The first thing aneeded for to see that your working of the uprimer goes smoothly is good kire of the hardware itself: if your newest-and-greatest boardtop rig keeps you from wielding the software you will, or if your overthin laptop feels like you could break it with one hand, (or, if you are a woman but are still not happy with the way it feels) you ought to downshift. Tough hardware is hardly ever still made, but with wise choosing and some good wyrd, you can have you a good setup.

Boardtop uprimers undershed widely, so all I will say on them is to see that the parts fit what you will do. It's good to look for ISA slots if you're indrawn to true Sound Blaster boards, and PS/2 fords if you're indrawn to old keyboards and mice.

As for laptops, only Thinkpads will do. The T4xx line is upmade of 14-inch laptops; the T5xx line of 15-inch. The X line is known for being smaller, some coming in slab shape, most used by crosskind Arch Linux users. The W line is the greatest of all, being ameant as boardtop standins, hence often asking a stour outlay. For most, the T line is the one to choose, with the T520 being the best in size, cooling, screen, and good old marks such as the throwback keyboard and slotfastened uprimer brain. They oft come with i5 and i7 brains, and therfore with Intel Graphics 3000 sightdrawers. Some come with Nvidia sightdrawers, but those are given to working worse than the inbuilt one, and laying down after some years. They astopped selling the throwback keyboards with the T530, and the slotfastened brains some time after that. More often than not, any nowtide laptop rig is no worse than another, so it's best to strike a middling betwixt old and new, to be lithe but still have you something naitly. If you are indrawn to yet older builds, the T42p was the last to work with Windows 98, and early T60s were the last to have screens of 4:3 evenness.

Furthermore, tough deedmates will better your naitship an awful lot. An old Microsoft Mouse will give you many years of work, and an IBM Model M keyboard will make writing on the uprimer feel and sound out great. IBM builds from the '80s had unpluggable wires, but can fetch big outlays. Unicomp still makes keyboards of the buckling spring outline.

Naitship Setting

The foremost thing to your eath of work is what naitship setting you choose. If you mean to nait the Web, it's best to pick Windows 7, which will run all the newest software. If it be older software you will have, Windows XP SP1 boasts great crossworking whilst still remaining lightweight. Windows 2000 runs yet lighter - known for working smoothly on brains as far back as the old 486 - and BlackWingCat's kernel upbring will allow you to run a good bit more software.

As for setup betterings:

Windows 2000/XP
Windows 7


What Now

Having agiven you the stuff you need for to set up your setup, I am soothly loath to leave you without overheiling teaching on how to do it all. However, the key to upriming is to nait your very own brain.

If you are one of the many who know not even how to beride a packeddish likeness, zip a zip, plightshoot a bug, or even nait a behestline, it may be best to ponder giving up the uprimer until you backcall what it means to be a Man. Childly wonder is the selfhood of all learning, and to lose it is to die in the mind - whether it be at young or old. To truly understand the uprimer, one must scour every chooselist, try every trick, and read all there is to read. There is no shortcut to werthing well belearnt, and if you reject this, you are a neather. Newtide upriming is set up for the most churlish scum, and it is a deep shame for one to waste his mind playing within ugly, betangled layers of new plights. Now and always, it is a game you cannot win.