Flash Archive

Shockwave Flash was the go-to for web distribution of video and games throughout the most important era in the development of the web. It continues to be the most efficient video format with its native vector art, allowing projects to scale up to any screen resolution, and it allowed any user willing to learn it to create whatsoever his heart desired. Adobe has decided to end its run, which is of course not even remotely an end, as you can still download the latest Flash developer executable. You should not be using the browser plugin as it has always been extremely prone to exploits, and given time, any browser that now supports Flash plugins will blacklist it to be used no more.

On this section of the site I have gathered some Flash videos for archival's sake - none made by me - in the hopes that they'll not perish when other archives pass away.

Anime & other otaku culture

azumanga.swf - Azumanga Daioh opening redrawn in pure Flash
yotsumanga.swf - Azumanga Daioh opening redrawn with Yotsubato characters
fatedaiou.swf - Azumanga Daioh opening redrawn with Fate stay/night characters
higuponi.swf - Pani Poni Dash opening redrawn with Higurashi characters
yotsuponi.swf - Pani Poni Dash opening redrawn with Yotsubato characters
fateponi.swf - Pani Poni Dash opening 3 redrawn with Fate stay/night characters
nyoronyolo.swf - Nyoro~n
Lucky_Rozen.swf - Pui
niipah.swf - A completely normal nipah
caramelldansen.swf - The original Caramelldansen Flash, though it's compressed video rather than a Flash vector
Touhou & IOSYS
IOSYS_tohotsukitoro.swf - Overdrive
IOSYS_tohootomebayashi_loving.swf - Marisa Stole the Precious Thing
IOSYS_itteyoshi2005.swf - Itte Yoshii
ME_I_RIN.swf - Room Cleaning Stop !!