Unofficial Kagetsu Tohya English Patch v0.5.3

The English patch of Type-Moon's Kagetsu Tohya by Lunacy and Beast's Lair was not quite as polished as one should like to see, but it was full of soul and it is yet the only way to experience the game in English. If you follow my advisory and update your ONScripter-EN executables, upon running Kagetsu Tohya you are likely to find that things do not quite work correctly with the newer version of the engine.

Type-Moon and Lunacy each made its share of script mistakes, so this patch has been made to work around the bugs and to rewrite the most unpredictable behaviors; it is meant to go atop an existing install of Lunacy's v0.5.2 English patch. This is both an engine and script update for the purpose of ensuring that the engine will run on more recent systems, and that the game will run on the updated engine.


Short answer: Drop the contents of the zip into the folder of your current working English game, and click "yes" on all overwrite prompts.

Better answer: Move or delete your current English game executable, all DLL files, stderr.txt and stdout.txt, and any save-related files; THEN drop the contents of this zip into the folder, and you then will have a clean patched install that ought to work better than new.

Save files now are kept in the hidden folder C:\ProgramData\Kagetsu Tohya. You can try moving your old envdata, gloval.sav, NScrflog.dat/NScrllog.dat, and save files there, but it is recommended to start fresh if you have not progressed far in the game.

More information and a changelog are included in readme2.txt.


Without further ado, here is the patch download. This patch is not official nor endorsed by Lunacy/Beast's Lair. Contact me if you have any issues or suggestions.

Download Kagetsu Tohya English Patch v0.5.3