Collected here is a sundry lot of sites related to most all of my interests, including resources and softwares which I've found indispensible.

Our Friends

lolwut's site"The Internet is Serious Business!"
arka.liPictures, articles, and projects pertaining to tech and other things.
Kinisis WebCollection of a friend's interests and musings.
Web-Site-RingA weblog listing old websites, Bible verses, and, on occasion, other web-related resources.
Robert BuchananRich with miscellany pertaining to old media and more.


MIDI Files
Nerve MIDI MaterialsFree MIDIs composed by Koji Kusanagi, many of which were used in the Higurashi Question Arcs.
Ashika's MIDI RoomRecreations and medleys of anime and game music.
Gallery OtoMIDIs of classical music and original compositions; English-language webpage.
Elixir's MIDI PageElixir's MIDI Page for Classical Guitar
Suhyan's Secret PathSuhyan's Secret Path to the Music
Piero MIDI LibraryPiero MIDI Library
Free MIDIClassical and original MIDI compositions.
WindSphere MIDI materialFree MIDIs and MP3s from WindSphere.
Acroche2French collection of MIDIs of popular songs.
Jukebox CountryGreat collection of Country & Western MIDIs.
Howard's MIDI pageHoward's MIDI page
Gary's MIDI ParadiseHundreds of unique MIDIs of classic American songs.
MIDICNAmong the greatest collections of MIDIs I've found.
MIDI Playback
VirtualMIDISynthReplaces the shoddy default Windows MIDI synth with a customisable interface with soundfont support.
Timbres of HeavenA quite large, high quality soundfont with a focus on realism.
GeneralUser GSA very small and optimised, yet high-quality soundfont.
vanBasco's Karaoke PlayerThis flashy player displays karaoke lyrics for MIDI songs that have them.

Internet Radio

chiru.noHigh-quality streaming of anime, game, and doujin music.
DvorcafeKrajinan music forum with internet radio.

Novel Games

Translators & Translations
InsaniHome of the greatest pioneering group of novel game translation.
narcissu.gwathyr.netMirror offering old downloads related to Narcissu.
RadicalRThe translators of Kanon and several other classic games.
Engines, Extraction, & References
Uncle Mion's ONScripter Corner (archived)Archived site of the last maintainer of ONScripter-EN for posterity.
Insani's ONScripter Page(O)NScripter support page belonging to the initial maintainers of what would become ONScripter-EN.
Ogapee's ONScripter PageHomepage of the non-EN branch of ONScripter.
Senzogawa's NScripter Scripting FactoryJapanese-language resources, good for more recent versions of (O)NScripter.
DNML HomepageHomepage of the Digital Novel Markup Language.
DNML MidoriA much more recent update to DNML, supporting assets from many more games.
arc_unpackerExtractor of a great deal of game archives.
RioxrUGP Engine Resource Extractor
Ports to Other Platforms
GBA develop WikiJapanese site containing full ports and other projects pertaining to novel games for the Game Boy Advance.
GBA develop legacy pageAn older incarnation of the above link, with screenshots.
Inside-cap archiveWayback Machine mirror of a group which ported several VNs to GBA, in addition to skillfully sequencing music for them.
Odin VN portsA few ancient attempts to get Tsukihime, One 2, ToHeart, and Air running on OS/2 through Odin.
ONScripter for OS/2The OS/2 packages linked on Ogapee's site are dead, so here is one working download. Outdated.


HOLDOVERMetroid-like water level platformer which runs on '90s computers.
Mega-Drive.netGerman fansite dedicated to the Sega Genesis.
SMS PowerSega 8-bit preservation and fanaticism
Phantasy Star WebsiteAn archive of a comprehensive fansite which ran from 1997-2003.
Phantasy Star CaveUp-to-date community and resource pertaining to Phantasy Star.
Ephinea Blue BurstPlay Phantasy Star Online today on the Ephinea Blue Burst server
VGPersonTranslations of a great deal of classic Japanese RPG games.
Katawa CrashJust play it.

Operating Systems

OpenBSDThe world's first proactively secure UNIX-like operating system.
SlackwareThe oldest Linux distro still maintained, ideal for learners and tinkerers.
eComStationAn updated but conservative distro of the classic IBM OS/2 operating system.

Required Windows Software

Total CommanderFeatureful, stable, and classic; Total Commander is the greatest file manager to grace any operating system.
IrfanViewThe original lightweight, customisable, and versatile image viewer.
WINAMPIt still whips the llama's ass.
MPVThis video player is a must, especially for those who take frequent screenshots and seek through frames.
Free Video CompressorCut and compress videos with this great interface for ffmpeg.
RipcordCustom client for Discord, extremely lightweight.
The GIMPA Free and Open Source image editor that puts paid equivalents to shame.
OTVDM GuideA guide which will, if followed, allow you to run Win16 programs on your latest x64 machine.
CrystalDiskInfoA pretty young lady will give you a rundown of the wear on your HDDs and SSDs.
Resource HackerResource Hacker can extract and replace icons and edit strings in Windows executables and DLLs.
Inexperience PatcherRestores all possible Windows XP resources to their proper Windows 2000-style counterparts.

OS/2 Software & Resources

HobbesArchive of OS/2 software and many other historical odds-and-ends; one of the most visited sites on the early net.
OdinAllows some Win32 applications to run natively on OS/2.
Odin VN portsA few ancient attempts to get Tsukihime, One 2, ToHeart, and Air running on OS/2 through Odin.
ONScripter for OS/2The OS/2 packages linked on Ogapee's site are dead, so here is one working download. Outdated.

Recommended Mobile Software

Total CommanderAlso the best file manager on Android and Windows CE.
F-DroidFree and Open Source app store for Android that offers many things which Jewgle will not.


Anime ThemeFull of goodies like legacy Windows themes, browser games, and desktop toys; all presented with a Dynamic HTML interface.
DoujinStyleSite featuring downloads of countless doujin games and music albums.
Killer-Q's ASCII Art PageA very large collection of Shift-JIS art from Japan.
The NekonomiconArchive of Nekochan, the long-gone premiere SGI hobbyist community.
Stephen's WebpageLinks to Gospel and hymn music.
IBG LibraryOn-site backlog of previous WinMag issues from the Interactive Buyer's Guide, linked here for convenience.